The Benefits of Saltwater Rinses

May 17, 2021

Woman doing a saltwater rinseSaltwater rinses are far from a new trend. The simple treatment is surprisingly effective and helps ease pain, reduce swelling, and promote quicker healing. Perhaps the most common use for them is to alleviate tooth and gum pain or bleeding. In fact, the first memory most people have of doing a saltwater rinse is often after losing a baby tooth.

You may be surprised to learn that saltwater rinses can do a lot more than soothe baby tooth pain. Despite its well-known benefits, most people don’t realize that continuing saltwater rinses as an adult can be a great addition to their regular oral hygiene routine.

Top Benefits of Saltwater Rinses

  1. Saltwater rinses help fight bacteria. Sickness and bacteria go hand in hand. Bacteria often produce spores that can lead to infection and a sore throat. Saltwater rinses make it harder for the bacteria in your mouth to grow spores and survive.
  2. Saltwater rinses help fight bad breath. If you are sensitive to traditional, alcohol-based mouthwashes, saltwater rinses are an excellent natural and cheap alternative to maintain fresh breath.
  3. The bacteria in saltwater rinses can help prevent gingivitis. This bacterium helps break down particles and food between your teeth, which can lead to gingivitis.
  4. Saltwater rinses are cost-effective. Salt is one of the cheapest multi-use ingredients you can find at the grocery store, making it an easy and economical addition to your oral hygiene routine.
  5. Rinsing with salt water can soothe a sore throat. Sore throats, often accompanied by coughing and sneezing, are common with seasonal changes and colds. The next time you have a sore throat, try a saltwater rinse for a simple, natural remedy.

Visit Your Dentist

There are multiple benefits to saltwater rinses, and they are worthy of incorporating into your daily routine! To keep your smile healthy and strong, you should continue visiting your local dentist for regular cleanings and oral exams.

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