Children’s Dentistry

One Dentist Visit for the Whole Family

Girl in Dental Chair
Children’s Dentistry in a Friendly, Flexible Office

Making sure your kids get to the dentist is very important, but can often be difficult. Roughly one fifth of children have at least one untreated decayed tooth between ages of 5 and 11. Schedule a block appointment for the whole family at Lone Tree Modern Dental.

Dental Visits Every Six Months

Visits to the dentist twice a year can prevent serious tooth decay and oral health in kids. In addition, your children should develop great hygiene habits like regular flossing and brushing. Dedicating time to oral health is both a valuable lesson for kids and a way to ensure their health in the future.

Why Lone Tree Modern Dental?

We aim to provide the best possible atmosphere for the entire family. Our office and staff are equipped to make adults and children alike feel comfortable during dental visits. We also offer the following benefits:

  • Flexible Scheduling – Finding spare time in your children’s calendars gets more difficult by the day. For this reason, we offer Saturday appointments, flexible time slots, and even provide block appointments so the whole family can be seen in the same day.
  • Friendly, Full Staff – We employ some of the most passionate dentists and hygienists in Lone Tree, but they aren’t the only members of our staff. We also have an oral surgeon, an orthodontist, and an endodontist on staff. Here at Lone Tree Modern Dental, having all of these professionals under the same roof benefits all of our patients.
  • Emergency Appointments – If you or your child has tooth pain, you don’t have to wait around for an appointment. Lone Tree Modern Dental offers same-day appointments for emergency dental care.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment

We are currently accepting new patients for our children’s dentistry in Lone Tree, CO. Call Lone Tree Modern Dental at 720-923-2877 to schedule appointments for your kids today.