Can Covid-19 Affect Your Dental Health?

December 21, 2021

Researchers are learning more about how deadly COVID-19 is as it keeps spreading across the country and the world. While everyone is aware that this condition can have devastating consequences for your lungs, you might be shocked to discover that other parts of your body are also at risk. COVID spreads quickly in your body because it is an infection; it places your overall health at risk with every breath you take. Can COVID, on the other hand, harm your teeth?

According to new research, the coronavirus might create oral health problems as it spreads. COVID-19 has a variety of oral health impacts, ranging from tooth discoloration to gum disease. Here’s everything you need to know about how the virus affects your teeth.

The Relationship Between Oral Health and COVID-19

woman in mask

While more research is needed, there are already several reports of the virus’s unusual effects on dental health. Patients with COVID-19 have begun to complain that their teeth have changed to grey, gotten loose, and fallen out. Most of these patients had no underlying oral health difficulties and only noticed these symptoms after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Hair loss and poor blood circulation in the toes and fingers were also reported. COVID-19 interferes with blood flow in your body, as shown by all of these oral and systemic health concerns. However, is COVID harmful to your dental health?

The Disease Affects Blood Circulation in Your Body

Blood flow is critical for maintaining oral health. COVID-19 alters the flow of blood throughout the body, which can cause serious long-term consequences, according to new research. The body can no longer sustain all body areas as it could due to continuous vascular damage, which implies that sections of your body will begin to deteriorate; this is most typically seen in teeth, quickly becoming gray and falling out.

ACE2 Receptors

Your ACE2 receptors are located in your cells. They are proteins that help to enhance vascular functions in your body. The mouth and lungs, or the areas of the body engaged in breathing, have more ACE2 receptors. When the coronavirus enters the body, it latches on to these ACE2 receptors, making it easy for the disease to start immediately wreaking havoc on your dental health. The virus’s favorite places to attach itself are your cavities! Research has shown that cavities provide access for COVID-19. Therefore, it’s critical to get cavities treated and improve dental health as soon as possible to continue to protect yourself from this catastrophic disease.

Can Restorative Dentistry Help?

Whether you have COVID or not, your dental health is something you must maintain to avoid decay and disease transmission. According to new research, this virus can cause damaged, loose, and decayed teeth in as little as six months. In addition, the gums can be weakened by a lack of blood supply to the mouth, leaving them more prone to disease. Restorative dentistry can assist you in addressing your oral health concerns and providing rapid and efficient remedies to help you improve your health as soon as possible.

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